SIMERA prides itself in the quality and skill of its members and partner suppliers. In addition to our core members, we also make use of a network of specialized consultants and suppliers we select on a per project basis, based on our client’s project specific requirements. This collaborative approach guarantees that our clients receive the best in class support from various different design, analysis and test authorities, with the ease and convenience of maintaining a single key supplier relationship.


For SIMERA management, it is of utmost importance that all activities at SIMERA, albeit working internally with colleagues, or externally with clients and suppliers should be a fun, creative and successful endeavor!

our staff

Col. (Dr.) Alan Nelson
Lifelong passion for Aerospace Electronics, particularly Applications Engineering.

Albertus van der Merwe
I enjoy the creativity at work and the outdoors on weekends.

Ana-Mia de Swardt
I am a mechatronic engineer with a passion for optical design and a love for reading and family and friends.

Ansoné du Toit
I have a keen interest in gadgets and love a good read.

Christian Walser
Up for a challenge!

Clive Govender
Metal machining and mechanical design is my passion. Challenges excite and motivate me.

Dalene van Staden
Optical engineering and mechanical design are my interests at work. I enjoy running and hiking.

Dehlia Mukweva
I enjoy my job and life lessons learnt from other staff. I enjoy spending time with my family.

Eben Grobbelaar
I am passionate about mechanical engineering design, with specific focus on the design of optomechanics.

Francois van Tonder
At work, I enjoy getting my hands dirty and solving problems. I enjoy playing squash and target shooting.

Hennie Roodt
I love Finite Element Analyses Simulations and my passion is culinary experimentation.

Istvan Rietoff
My practical mechanical skills are my life and I enjoy outdoor excursions.


Jacoline van Jaarsveld
At work I am an applied mathematician who has a passion for making sense of things that don’t.

Janine Wiggins
At work I’m all about appreciate, respect and assist - at home the same values apply.

Jeannette Marais
I constantly challenge myself and I love spending time outdoors. I consider every day as a gift.

Johan du Plooy
I am passionate about structural engineering and enjoy mountain biking.

Johan Smit
I am passionate about Software-based design, using different techniques in finding the best solution.

Johann du Toit
Engineering and development is my biggest passions, and fortunately enough also my work!

Johann Muller
I am Passionate about Engineering, Multi-disciplinary challenges, Systems and Teamwork.

Josias van der Westhuizen
I am passionate about Innovation, Shop Floor Management and LEAN. I enjoy all things aeronautical.

Josua Blom
I am a mechatronic engineer with a passion for UAVs. In my free time I love doing drone racing, yoga and Muay Thai.

Justin Fraser
I am enthusiastic about problem solving as well as mechanical design and always eager to learn.

Keegan Thomas
Striving towards the truth. What, how & why is it?


Linton Mhungu
I enjoy learning how to use different machines and being in the garden, surrounded by nature.

Louwrens Marais
Professionally I strive towards understanding the “WHY?” behind technical challenges and their solutions.

Marc Mundell
I have a passion for creating innovative designs and enjoy carpentry.

Marius Cronje
I use my skills to drive innovation. Good food, sport and watching the world from a hill top.

Martin Wilkinson
My passion is the discovery of knowledge and wisdom, and its practical application in every aspect of life.

Maxwell Xozumthi
I enjoy experiencing new things in the lab. I love spending time with my family.

Michael Goddard
My professional passions are Mechatronics, control systems and software-based problem solving.

Ron Storey
I am passionate about my job and strive to learn and grow and in my spare time relaxing with a really good book.

Rosca de Waal
I love engineering and the challenges that come with it. In my spare time, I am out in nature or travelling.

Stacey Higginbotham
Mechanical engineering & natural sciences are my passion and I enjoy spending time outdoors.

Vermeulen Badenhorst
My field of expertise is Taxation, accounting and auditing. I have a passion for farming and enjoy hunting.

Terry Terblanche
In memory of one of our founding members who passed away on 6 January 2015.